Alcohol Withdrawal in Barnstable Town, MA

Alcohol withdrawal is one of the most dangerous types of withdrawal that someone can undergo. The reasons for this is that the symptoms of an alcohol withdrawal can rapidly worsen, so a patient experiencing mild symptoms may fail to get help in time. Before an addict has time to realize, the seemingly harmless side effects may become deadly. Having easy access to alcohol rehabilitation services, for this reason, has never been so important; recent statistics show fatalities from substance abuse to be the highest in Barnstable County. It is of some comfort for sufferers than to know that there is a choice of places for alcohol withdrawal in Barnstable Town. Contact Barnstable Town Drug Rehab Centers today (774) 345-7009.

This article focuses on explaining what alcohol withdrawal is and what causes the withdrawal. Furthermore, it examines the key signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction and the variety of withdrawal treatment options that are available to alcoholics.

What Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Alcohol withdrawal is a group of side effects that occur once a patient abruptly ceases the intake of alcohol. To experience alcohol withdrawal, the patient much is dependent on it both, physically, mentally, or both. Those who abuse alcohol but are not necessarily considered alcoholics are also at risk of experiencing mild withdrawals. After periods of consistent binge drinking, the consumer may have a depressed mood, shakes, and feelings of nausea. It is evident then that alcohol is a potent substance. As a nation, we often underestimate its toxic qualities, and due to its legality, there can be a misunderstanding with regards to the actual amount of damage that it can cause to a person

Symptoms of alcohol and drug withdrawal in Barnstable Town are extensive, and some of the key ones are examined below. They can be broken down into three different stages about the withdrawal timeline:

Stage 1 -- Occurring generally in the first 8 hours after drinking, the symptoms include anxiety, nausea and stomach pains

Stage 2 -- Beginning between 24 and 72 hours, the symptoms can range from high blood pressure and an increase in body temperature to confusion and irritability.

Stage 3 -- The patient will be very agitated and may suffer from fevers and hallucinations after 72 hours without alcohol. There is a danger at this time of seizures, which can be life threatening.

Just some of the severe risks associated with alcohol withdrawal include the following:

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Hallucinations
  • Grand mal seizures

What Are the Signs of Alcoholism?

Alcoholism can be very evident in some sufferers and hidden in others. Those usually in the grips of severe alcohol addiction may not be able to cover up their problem, and more than likely the physical effects will be beginning to show on their appearance. Here are just some of the signs --

  • Lying or hiding evidence of drinking
  • Drinking on one's own
  • Having alcohol related blackouts
  • Having difficulties in managing life responsibilities
  • Building up a higher tolerance to alcohol
  • Flushed face, slurring, and incoherence

It is essential that a sufferer of alcohol addiction gets help for their Alcohol Withdrawal in Barnstable Town. Luckily there is a range of options available for alcohol withdrawal in Barnstable town including both inpatient and outpatient services. In the safety of a detox facility, a patient has the comfort of knowing there is medical care on hand to ensure that pain is minimal. Also, if there are any complications during the detox, trained professionals will know how to manage the situation.

When an alcoholic sufferer enters medical detox in Barnstable Town, and their addiction is assessed. The severity of their addiction plays a role in how long the withdrawal will take.

There is a range of detox facilities available in Barnstable town, ranging from outpatient services to residential care.

If you are worried about a loved one or you are suffering from alcoholism, it is very imperative to find help as early as you can in the addiction journey. Call us for confidential information on entering an alcohol withdrawal facility. And finally, don't ever attempt to detox from alcohol without medical intervention. It can be incredibly painful, and ultimately very dangerous. For any information on our services, give Barnstable Town Drug Rehab Centers a call today (774) 345-7009.

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