Addiction Treatment in Barnstable, MA

There is a requirement for Addiction Treatment in Barnstable Town in Massachusetts, with drug dependency issues soaring. Cape Cod Times ran an article earlier in 2017 regarding Barnstable's ranking of 93 in the "Top 100 Most Dangerous U.S Cities" list. Reasons for its placing included a high level of violence and burglary. While it doesn't explicitly state that drugs are the root of these anti-social behaviors, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released figures citing drugs as the reason for 18% of inmates reasoning for their crimes.

With these terrible facts in mind, this article examines addiction treatment in Barnstable. It considers addiction in more detail and explains the different available drug and alcohol programs available.

What Is an Addiction?

Addiction Treatment in Barnstable Town is a physical and psychological dependence on a substance. Drug and alcohol addiction is probably the most common forms of dependency, but there are many cases pertaining to food and gambling amongst others. Addiction has finally been recognized as an illness, which has been good news for those suffering. Those in medical research continue to conduct studies on reasons why certain people are at risk of addiction, and here are some of the already known citings.


Drug and alcohol substances cause chemical reactions that alter the brain when continuously used. The brains adaption to the substance means that it is negatively affected when it does not receive it. Tolerance is often built up to drug substances so that a greater amount is needed to achieve the same buzz. So, begins an endless cycle of using to try and achieve the same high, and eventually, a dependent requires their substance of choice to feel normal.


Though still largely unfounded, scientists continue to search for addiction genetics, that is genetics that makes someone either more vulnerable or less vulnerable to addiction. Research is still ongoing in this area but offers some interesting food for thought.


Children that are exposed to abuse, neglect or parents suffering from dependency issues are more likely themselves to become addicts in later life. Aside from learned behaviors playing a part in the vicious addiction cycle, addiction can spur from mental health problems and a way of coping with the hardships from someone's childhood.

Furthermore, people that dabble in drugs or alcohol in their teenage years are more likely to become habitual users in later life. Exposure to social environments where drug and alcohol use is rife can add to a person's susceptibility to addiction.

Available Addiction Treatment in Barnstable Town

There is a variety of addiction treatment in Barnstable, including but not limited to the following:

  • Outpatient and Inpatient Programs
  • Counselling
  • Spiritually guided support

Inpatient rehab is an intensive residential facility, where a person often stays for at least 30 days and sometimes up to 90 days. It is geared towards heavily addicted patients who require 24-hour care. Inpatients are provided with meals and sometimes have chores to maintain a sense of daily routine, although maids often staff more expensive facility options. Those that undertake inpatient treatment will be assessed and given a tailor-made plan for medical detox in Barnstable Town.

Outpatient rehab is suitable for addicts who have undertaken inpatient treatment or have mild to moderate addiction issues. Outpatient rehab is structured but does not require the patient to live there. They are therefore able to continue with their day to day responsibilities such as work.


Counseling can come in the form of group therapy or one-on-one. Counseling is a type of talk therapy in which the patient and counselor discuss the addiction and problems pertaining to it. It can be very emotional and challenging but is also incredibly helpful for a patient. Counselling gives them ample opportunity to search within themselves for answers.

Spiritual Based Programs

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of many dependency support groups that cite the widely acclaimed 12 Step programs as very powerful for drug addiction treatment in Barnstable Town. The 12-Step program is spiritual based and is founded on the premise that we are powerless to our addictions, and need the forgiveness of God to recover. It has been very helpful for many dependents on their road to recovery, due to its highly structured format.

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